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Spring Bundle of Six Clay Cutters

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3D Printed Polymer Clay Cutter Sets

Sharp 0.4 MM cutting edge

This bundle includes each of the following clay cutter sets:
Junie Embossed Flower Arch Two Piece Clay Cutter

Daisy Embossed Flower Arch Clay Cutter

Organic Flower Clay Cutter

Tulip Two Piece Clay Cutter Set

Abstract Tulip Two Piece Clay Cutter Set

Patty Flower & Arch Clay Cutter Set

How to use our clay cutters:

To use your clay cutter, press it into the polymer clay, wiggle slightly, and then lift it straight up to separate the cutter from the clay. It is advisable to dust the edges of your cutter with cornstarch and to roll your clay on a glossy ceramic or glass surface. This prevents the clay from sticking to the tile when you lift the cutter.

How to clean your clay cutters:

Creoclay cutters are produced using advanced 3D printers and premium PLA material. For cleaning, gently wipe your cutters with a baby wipe or an alcohol wipe as necessary. If clay is lodged in your embossing cutters, a soft-bristled brush can be used to carefully dislodge the clay from narrow spaces. Avoid immersing your clay cutters in hot water; the heat can cause the plastic to soften and deform.

    Spring Bundle of Six Clay Cutters
    Spring Bundle of Six Clay Cutters
    Spring Bundle of Six Clay Cutters
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