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Oblong Rectangle Donut | Clay Cutters

Oblong Rectangle Donut | Clay Cutters

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Hi There!

I am so glad you found us!

All of our cutters are made from PLA.

Please be gentle when using your cutters. They are durable, but can be damaged when use improperly. There will be slight imprecations with each cutter, but this will not affect your earring cut or quality of the cutter!

Gently press into clay, slightly wiggle the cutter and lift to remove. Edges can be smoothed with your fingertips or sanded after baking. I recommend sanding for the cleanest finish. Corn starch is a great way to help keep clay from sticking to your cutter, especially when a cutter with small details or has an embossed design. Working on a glass sheet or tile is recommended to keep the clay from sticking to your cutter, also. I recommend purchasing a big white ceramic tile from Lowes or Home Depot - these are wonderful to create on and keep your clay from sticking to the surface.

Please message us with any questions at all! Make sure to tag us on IG @GirlReliving ❤️

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